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JAMES COVELL began his career writing music immediately after graduating in music composition from USC where he studied with Morten Lauridsen. He has been working ever since scoring, songwriting, conducting and arranging in every medium. James has written scores for many feature films, including LEFT BEHIND, recorded with the London Symphony. That Soundtrack CD, and others are available on iTunes. Along with his work in film, James has worked for all of the major networks . Currently running is the award winning Netflix series “Beastmaster”. James has also written a full-scale musical play entitled A HOUSE DIVIDED and an Orchestral Trumpet concerto


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Dennis The Menace
Warner Bros.

Dennis the Menace Christmas is an

orchestral score using the brilliant themes of Jerry Goldsmith. Along with the composer Peter Allen this is a great film for the whole family.

The Family Project

Irreplaceable is a documentary and teaching series directed by the multiple award winning director Michael Sajbel.

Sonic Visionz cover.jpg
Sonic Visionz
JKC Music

Sonic Visionz is an album of electronic and acoustic themes which takes the listener on a very "mindful" journey.

Every Musical Style Cinema.JPG
The Cinema Sampler
JKC Muisc

A musical adventure through as many different musical styles as you can imagine in 3 minutes or less!!!

McGee And ME.jpg
McGee and Me
Taweel Loos and Focus

The soundtrack for this break through series has inspired millions around the globe.

The Most Beautiful Thing Poster.jpg
A Film by Cameron Covell
The Most Beautiful Thing

This is Cameron Covell's award winning film seen by millions around the globe. The majority of the score is by his father: "The default composer" for most of his movies.

Death By Potato.png

Every year the entire Covell family made a summer movie. This was the last joint effort that we all worked on . This is great for pre-teens on up. It only 70 minutes and loads of fun!

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